Mission & Vision

Zaitra’s mission is to combine scientific knowledge in the fields of Earth Observation, Artificial Intelligence, Aerospace, and Computer Science to satisfy multi-industry issues. Our vision is to become the number one provider of the capability to design and develop advanced solutions based on satellite data and Artificial Intelligence technology in Eastern Europe.


Our products are focusing on vegetation risks and forestry. By combining Artificial Intelligence with Earth Observation data we can see missing information about forest inventory, reduce expensive & time-consuming monitoring of forest health degradation, or even mitigate vegetation risks near high voltage power lines. All these issues have high priorities for forest managers, energy distributors but also for a wide public.


Understand, design, build, deploy, maintain. We will go with you through every step of the process. Does your company need help to automate Machine Learning pipelines or Earth Observation data processing? We have helped our customers to design and deploy their applications to modern cloud environments and build custom software solutions to optimize their processes.




Zaitra s.r.o.

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