Who we are

Friendship, technological excellence, artificial intelligence, space industry. These words define our startup. We started on hackathons, as of today, we have multiple own projects while outsourcing software development and artificial intelligence services to other companies. Do you feel a possible fit here? Don't hesitate to contact us!


We love to create complex solutions for challenging problems in these areas:

Earth Observation

We are combining satellite imagery with AI to analyze this data, addressing the biggest possible potential of Earth Observation.

Artificial Intelligence

Let's find out if your
software product could work better with the help of machine learning algorithms.


Our software skills +
experts from SAB Aerospace =
powerful solutions for your company.

Software Development

We are also engaged in custom software development projects. We would love to work on one with you and unlock the potential.

Our Work

We explore opportunities and then continue with viable projects - that's the reason, why we have so many projects!

Ström is an app detecting deforestation, with future expanse into biomass and forest health analysis.
Green Roofs are roofs covered with vegetation - they help both city and environment. But how to find which roofs are the best for conversion into the green ones? Well, we created an app for that!
Sentinel Downloader is a useful tool that helps you with bulk downloads from Sentinel Hub - if you work with Earth Observation data, then you know.



Marek Marušin

TechLead & Co-Founder

A former freelancer with years of software development experience. Enthusiastic about blockchain projects, open-source development and space industry.

Rado Pitoňák

Backend developer & Co-Founder

Experienced Python developer focused on machine learning, deep learning and earth observation . Open-source contributor and mentor for open-source programs.

Martin Javorka

Backend developer & Co-Founder

Experienced in web backend, fluent in Python and exploring Earth Observation. Martin is familiar with deploying and maintaining production applications in Rancher/K8S cluster.

Václav Havlíček

Business Development and Marketing

Business-focused engineer with wide background and skills, involved in the space industry, innovation, and technology community management.

Marian Mrva

Frontend and UI

Skilled JavaScript developer and front-end expert interested in the UX and UI prototypes and design. Proud open-source software contributor.

Matej Mrázik

Development and testing

Certified ISTQB tester, focused on automatic testing and IoT while being a developer in Java and Python. Matej is also interested in big data and Azure cloud solutions.

Martin Šagát

Biomedical solutions

Biomedical and bioinformatics engineer with wide technical knowledge including Matlab, Python, image processing, electronics, and biomedical devices. Martin is focused on using AI in medicine and biological sciences.


We are always looking for talented people!

Team zaitra is a winner of Copernicus Hackathon Brno and participant of the Copernicus Accelerator programme.