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Customized solutions are crucial for the success of various space missions, as each project often requires an individualized approach. Our team of experts possesses a diverse skillset that plays a pivotal role in achieving mission objectives.


WE create complex solutions

Earth Observation

Address the full potential of EO data to tackle cross-industry challenges. We are fusing satellite products with other data sources.

Artificial Intelligence

Our expertise lies in areas such as machine learning, computer vision, and AI, specifically tailored for integration into embedded devices used in satellites

Data Processing Unit

We handle board procurement, integration of AI-based solutions, and provide support during mission operations. The complete ready-to-fly payload is delivered to our customers' missions

Flight Software

Maximize your spacecraft's capabilities with our expertise in custom software - the only modifiable component once the satellite is in orbit.

Edge computing

Data processing soars to new heights with our AI-powered solution that processes data directly on-board of satellite, drone, or plane.


Unleash spacecraft potential with our engineers' expertise in FPGA and RISC-V solutions, blending tradition with innovation.


We aim to revolutionize the way data is processed on Earth, in Orbit, and on the Moon by providing intelligence for space missions. We are moving towards autonomous space exploration.