Onboard Object Detection Software

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Our sensor-independent software solution detects and flags all cloudy pixels. This information is provided to operators, enabling them to efficiently identify and filter out potential noise prior to transmitting the data to the ground.


Nowadays even small satellites may gather over 100GB+ of satellite imagery daily, but limited bandwidth restricts downlinking. However, due to cloud pollution, many of them are unwanted and can be postponed for transmission.


Tackle this problem with our AI-based cloud screening solution, designed to process a continuous stream of images acquired from optical sensors right on-board the satellite and notify the operator about unwanted acquisition.


Prioritise and transmit only valuable information, extract crucial data and optimise your bandwidth usage. Achieve substantial time and cost savings in downlink-related expenses.


Who is the solution for

Mission Owners
or Satellite Data Providers

System Integrators
or Satellite Manufacturers

Payload and Sensor Developers

Mission and Satellite Operators


What to expect

Cost reduction

By not downloading cloudy images

Saved bandwidth

For more useful data

High reusability

Most common sensors and DPUs supported

Rapid response

Faster access to critical data

Satellite autonomy

Autonomous on-board decisions

Return on investment

Mostly expected in months

Case study

Satellite Data Provider

SKAISEN estimates cloud coverage on the satellite image and relays this information to the satellite operator or customer. Based on that, the customer can then make informed decisions regarding which specific data to download.

System Integrator

The customer sets a maximum cloud coverage threshold for the satellite image. Using this criterion SKAISEN autonomously selects directly on-board the appropriate data to download.

SKAISEN does not delete or modify the data. It is always the decision of the customer whether data with low priority, polluted with noise, will be removed.

Payload Developer

The Customer who develops a hyperspectral sensor for a satellite manufacturing market wants to create a competitive advantage and provide a smart camera system that includes SKAISEN as the default feature.

„We're moving towards satellite autonomy which is affordable for all spacecrafts. That's the future, that's where we're heading.“

Marek Marušin, CEO at Zaitra

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