At Zaitra our vision is to bring Intelligence to Space Missions. There is is a lot of space missions equipped with sensors collecting a vast amount of data. We are processing gathered data in the most optimal way on Earth, in Orbit and on the Moon.

Our software will reach the Moon by 2030 and we are looking for intelligent and talented people to help us achieve this vision. Do not expect repetitive tasks, loose deadlines and easy problems to solve. We are a small team and everybody has to work their best. Expect to tackle problems that nobody in the team has experience working with and everybody relies on the solution you bring to the table for your tasks. The reward will be a legacy that your code is on board of the spacecraft.

We are in a very competitive space, so we want people who can ship the code fast, without neglecting the quality of the delivered solutions. We like people who can work in the whole software lifecycle, from the problem statement, through design, implementation, and testing. We actively work to improve our development processes.

All positions are on-site in Brno Czech republic. If you think you are a good fit for any position listed below, contact us and prove your qualities. We are building a team which thrives for excellence, so every candidate must do an entry task, followed by an interview. Email us at and we will reach back to you.




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