Forest Intelligence and Smart Vegetation management


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Smart Vegetation Management

helps energy distribution companies to mitigate various vegetation risks and their financial, environmental, and safety implications. We are monitoring transmission systems in forest corridors and our algorithms can see and predict possible collisions, safety hazards, or even create maintenance schedules as vegetation trimming.

Forest Intelligence

is a set of modern methodologies that provide a high added value to forest inventories and forestry itself. Our customers can monitor new or dead trees, biomass, deforestation, and degradation of forest health. The main goal is to create sustainable forests for the next generations and reduce the current costs of forest managers and owners.

Earth Observation & Artificial Intelligence

data from space combined with modern Artificial Intelligence mechanisms can address major challenges that our customers meet every day. We are building interfaces for those who don’t want irregular and expensive aerial monitoring but instead, they seek automated, cost-effective, and smart solutions based on high-resolution satellite imagery.


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