We love to create complex solutions for challenging problems in these areas:

Earth Observation

We are combining satellite products with Artificial Intelligence to address the full potential of Earth Observation and solve multi-industry issues.

Artificial Intelligence

Modern disciplines as machine learning, computer vision, and artificial intelligence can help us to find optimal and accurate outcomes.


Our software skills +
experts from SAB Aerospace =
powerful solutions for your company.

Software Development

We are engaged in custom software development projects. Let's work on your infrastructure together and unlock the potential.

Cloudless mosaic

Need an up to date cloudless mosaic of a large area? We can provide it on a regular and automated basis.


We are super passionate about innovative Horizon projects or ESA ITTs. Constantly looking for new partners for consortiums in the fields of EO, AI, IoT, and sensor fusion.


SAB Aerospace


S.A.B. Aerospace is our partner who operates in the space industry. the design, manufacturing, and testing of satellite systems and subsystems, rocket launcher dispensers, and microgravity experiments.

To design such devices they need to work with various verifications and calculations. One of the many challenges is to calculate the margin of safety which could be a time-consuming and cumbersome job. That's why our team helped S.A.B. Aerospace to develop a custom calculation platform and deploy it for their internal purposes.

SAB Aerospace


If you have a flying drone you probably heard about the identification of drones. Depending on where you live, you need or you will need to follow regulations about restricted areas like cities or airports.

Dronetag develops a solution for safe and efficient drone traffic management in the European airspace.

Zaitra is actively cooperating with Dronetag and helps with the development of their software infrastructure.


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